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By clicking continue, you agree to these updated terms. Double click on your mic and go to the Levels tab online Microphone test. Scroll down and click on /App volume and device preferences. On Firefox, click on the padlock icon on the left of the URL. Now let us take a look at what to do on Firefox to fix the mic not working on zoom or Google Meet.

  • However, the problem can also appear when you have a hardware issue like a faulty microphone.
  • If you have previously blocked microphone access for websites or for specific apps, this may be the problem.
  • The System Restore tool creates restore points.

You can also rule out the microphone hardware issue by performing a microphone test on your Windows 11 PC. If for some reason Windows fails to reinstall the drivers, you can force the system to reinstall by going again to theDevice Managerand right-clicking the computer name . Select“Scan For Hardware Changes”and Windows will install the missing drivers. A device driver is software that provides information to the Windows operating system and other software about how to interact with certain hardware on the computer. Microphone and click Set DefaultYou can select on any available device, then select Set Default. When you’re happy with your new choice, clickOK, and you’re done.

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Furthermore, turn on the apps you want to allow permission for the microphone. If you are aware of another method that resolves this issue, not mentioned in our guide, please share it with us by leaving a comment in the section below. In theServices window, you will see a list of Windows services. Find the“Windows Audio” service and right-click it. Choose“Restart”from the contextual menu. Alternatively, you can select“Stop” and then right-click again and select“Start”.

How do I find the microphone settings on my Android phone? You can find them under the System menu. In the Sound section, select the Manage Sound Device option. You can also find the Sound menu in the Accessibility menu. From here, you can find the applications that use the microphone. You should disable the apps that use the microphone if you want to prevent them from using it.

Common cause for microphone not working in Windows 10

To update your OS, go to the settings menu on your PC and select “Update & Security”. Next, download any pending updates and restart your PC to allow them to install completely. Then, you can check to see if your microphone is working.

Once you do this, your system automatically fetches all the latest updates available for the audio driver over the internet. For this, it is important that your PC is connected with the internet. Restart your PC then and observe the changes. 99% chances are there that your audio driver bug if any will be fixed. If you fall among that 1% chance, then you should wait for the next Windows update.

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